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9U Modified Rules

* Base distance is set at 65 feet.
* Pitching distance is set at 46 feet.
* Ten foot hash mark placed at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases for lead       off purposes.
* Base runners are to remain between the hash mark and base     until the pitched ball crosses the plate.
* Dropped 3rd strike--batter remains out and other base               runners may advance at their own risk.
* Base runners are allowed to steal once the pitched ball     crosses the plate.
* If the runner crosses the ten foot hash mark prior to the ball crossing the plate, the runner is placed back on the base. If that runner is put out on the play the runner is out. If the ball is put into play, the runner is only allowed a base if forced up by the batter/runner. 
* Pick off plays are allowed. Base runners are allowed to advance if available.
* There are NO Balks called in 9u class.
* Defensive team plays Nine defenders only.
* Base runners may not steal home on pass balls or dropped 3rd strikes.
* There is a 7 run maximum run limit per inning, If home team is down by more than 7 runs and time has expired during that inning they will be allowed to play 7 runs or 3 outs which ever one is first. Only the 6th inning the run rule will not apply and there will be unlimited runs.
* Regular baseball count will be in effect.
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