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Local Director Rules

Injured or Sick Player

If a player is removed from the game for illness or injury there will be no out recorded for his spot in the batting order (subject to rule below), his place in the lineup will simply be skipped.


 9U and above teams batting nine, ten, or the roster that drop below nine players are subject to the following: a) If a team drops below nine players due to illness or injury, no automatic out is recorded. b) If a team drops below nine eligible players due to an ejection or any reason other than illness or injury and leaves the game, an automatic out is declared in the batting order position of the player that left the game unless there is an eligible substitute. c) If a team drops below eight players for any reason, the game is ruled a forfeit by the tournament or league director and is not rescheduled

Weather Related Drop Dead Rules

If time expires before the inning is completed, the game is over immediately (Drop Dead) and the score will revert back to the last complete inning, unless the home team is up to bat and are ahead in the score or have tied the score. If the score is tied at that point, we will play international extra innings until a winner is determined.

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